Founded in 2020, Novoaer is dedicated to making clean and pure air accessible for homes, offices, apartments, and vehicles. With cutting-edge air purification technology, we're making it easier for you to keep the air around you clean and safe.

We are headquartered in California and all too familiar with poor air quality due to forest fires. We’re championing a new era of clean, breathing air. Our objective is to offer our clients intelligent, portable air purifiers that showcase the air quality index. By giving people a tool to better understand the quality of the air they breathe and correct it, we’re committed to helping our customers breathe cleaner air.

We like to think of our air purifier as a little buddy that watches out for you. You know, that responsible friend who makes sure you get home safe each time.


Our Story

Like we mentioned before, we’re based in California and have lived and breathed the devastating effects of forest fires. We began Novoaer after realizing there was a need for better air purifiers that displayed the air quality index. We’re all about promoting the importance of clean air - everywhere you go. We understand the physical and psychological health benefits that come with clean air and look forward to sharing.

We are dedicated and passionate about doing our small part to make the world a better place. Clean air helps you feel healthy and live better.


Our Products

We’re changing the way you thought about air purifiers. Our sleek, modern design is portable. You can have clean air no matter where you are. Purify the air in your home, office, car - wherever! There’s a true HEPA filter, an aromatherapy feature, a color-changing sensor, and a PM2.5 air quality index sensor in each air purifier for optimal performance.

We believe in fighting for what’s right. We’re always here for you when you need us. Our customers are always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns.