What is PM2.5? Get Real-Time Displays With Novoaer's Purifier

Have you heard the term PM2.5? If not, you're not alone. At Novoaer, we're here to help guide you on your path to optimal wellness through clean, fresh breathing air.

Read on to learn more about PM2.5, why you should care about it, how to track it, and how Novoaer is helping you get better air. We are here to help you clean the air you breathe and help make your life more comfortable.


What is PM2.5?

PM2.5 refers to fine particulate matter that's generally 2.5 micrometers (in diameter) or smaller. Not sure how small is 2.5 micrometers? Well, it's really, really tiny. A hair on your head is around 70 micrometers in diameter for comparison, making one strand of hair 30x bigger than a PM2.5 particle.

You won't be able to detect these tiny particles with your naked eye. They're so small only the strongest microscope will be able to display them - that's what makes them so dangerous.


Is Particulate Matter Hazardous?

Unfortunately, yes. PM2.5 matter is so miniature it can be inhaled without a second thought, leading to serious health problems. These particles can reach deep into your lungs or bloodstream and are detrimental to your health if you breathe in a high concentration. Particles 2.5 micrometers in diameter and smaller pose the most significant health risk.

Exposure to fine particles can often lead to eye, throat, nose, or lung irritation. They're also a common trigger for coughing, sneezing, runny noses, and shortness of breath. And those are just the short-term side effects. Long-term exposure to fine particles can inhibit lung function and worsen respiratory issues like asthma.


Real-Time PM2.5 Sensors

We're not just purifying your atmosphere. We're educating you about the air around you and your family. The Luxe Air Purifier is made with a real-time sensor that displays the concentration of the fine particles in the air. You'll know immediately if the air quality reaches hazardous levels. Users can read air quality right on the display to better understand the air they breathe.

When natural disasters occur, like the California fires, it's essential to track the PM2.5 levels in your home. Our purifier helps eliminate these harmful particulates while giving you real-time updates on your air quality.


Air Purifying Made Simple

Your friends at Novoaer are here to help make your life cleaner, fresher, and easier. Our purifiers are motion censored - meaning you can turn it on and off by simply waving your hand over the device.

Learn the easy-to-use modes here below.

The 4 Modes:

1 - Turn it on

2- Low power

3 - High power

4- Turn off

That's it. Wave your hand over your air purifier to control it. Together, we're helping combat dangerous breathing air to start living healthier lives. If you have any questions about our Air Purifier, please reach out to us. We're always happy to chat!