the world's most portable air purifier

Novoaer delivers premium air purifiers that are lightweight yet durable. Designed in California with your health in mind. Take our purifiers anywhere you go.

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In today’s world, we’re constantly worrying about the air that we breathe. Whether it be filled with pollutants and harmful toxins, or dangerous viruses and bacteria, we deserve clean air around us. Let clean air be part of your lifestyle.

Lightweight & portable

We are proud to bring the most lightweight, portable, and comprehensive air purification system to the market – one that has the power to purify and clean your air, remove harmful toxins and contaminants, and portable enough to take wherever you go.

Simplicity meets efficiency

Measuring your air quality just became simple. Our exciting purification detection system makes it easier and faster than ever before to determine your air quality conditions with a simple and easy to use display that updates in real-time.